Saturday, 12 April 2014


Easy to Made Deodorant 






4 tablespoon Shea butter

4 tablespoon coco butter

2 tablespoon baking powder

1/2 cup arrow root powder

10 drops lavender essential oil or tea tree oil


-measure 4 tablespoon of Shea butter and 4 tablespoon of coco butter and place it insider a Ayrex measuring cup. (optional 8 tablespoon of Shea butter is just fine)

-place the measuring cup with the butters into a boiling pot of water and stir the butters until they are melted down.

-Remove the measuring cup from the boiling water once the butters are melted, and add your arrowroot powder, baking powder and lavender oil and mix all together. 

-Once you have mix all the ingredients together, place your mixture insider of a container of your choice and let it cool. 

*that's it Enjoy!

The purpose of each ingredients

*Coco butter and Shea butter is a base component and moisturizer.

*Lavender or tea tree oil is a anti Bacterial  

*baking powder helps minimize wetness 

*Arrow root powder is a thickener


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